The best websites with office automation tutorials

Computing is evolving at an unstoppable pace, but there are a number of universal applications that must be managed.

Word, Excel, Access, Photoshop, AutoCAD, or its free alternatives, such as the popular LibreOffice. What is traditionally known as office applications, which serve to complete very common tasks in our daily lives (or at work), from writing letters to create tables, graphs, logos, school projects, professional presentations, and so on?

They are concepts that can then be applied to online tasks, such as creating a website.

Luckily, nowadays it is very easy to learn how to handle this type of programs. On the Internet there are free office courses and tutorials, in all imaginable formats: online lessons, PDF documents, video courses through YouTube, etc.. You can choose the type of tutorial you like best and follow the course at your own pace. In some cases, it is also possible to solve doubts in the associated forums or consult directly with the creators of the lessons.

These are some of the best websites with free office tutorials. We need to clarify that, on this occasion, we have focused on tutorials rather than courses. That is short lessons that solve a certain problem. You will find courses in the highlighted links within the article.

Let’s start with a collection of web pages that offer tutorials directly in the browser. They are pages with links to the different lessons, with the versatility that web provides, as they use graphics, diagrams, animations and videos to better explain the lessons. And you don’t have to download anything.

Tutorials at

You don’t have to go far to find good and abundant office tutorials. In we have created dozens of them in the last years, that we can group in four different types.

On the one hand, we have quick tutorials of Word, Excel, PDF, Gmail, Outlook and other applications. In just a few minutes you’ll learn how to cut a PDF or extract photos from it, add or remove watermarks from a Word document, create signatures in Gmail, and many other practical tasks that sooner or later we need to do.

If you prefer video tutorials, which are always more enjoyable, we have dozens of them where we explain from how to download videos from Youtube or Facebook, to how to create numbered lists in Word.

In our FaQ section, we collect quick answers to common questions about Windows, WhatsApp, Facebook, Google, Internet and anything related to computers, smartphones, social networks and technology in general. If you have a specific question, here you will find the answer.

Finally, in Step by Step, you’ll find comprehensive tutorials covering all kinds of computing and mobile solutions, from how to set up Windows 10 to how to identify a font or how to design applications. Don’t miss out!

Although the tutorials on this website are a few years old, since the concepts of Office and other office applications are universal, you can find useful tutorials.

It has more than 2.000 office tutorials, mainly from Office, but also OpenOffice, mail managers, Windows, etc. As we have said, it is a compilation website that links to tutorials from other websites, so the quality varies, as well as the style. There is online, downloadable, video, etc..

Online Tutorials

Another collection of online office automation tutorials that stands out because they are clear and pleasant to follow, thanks to the good layout. They are followed directly in the browser and there are links to other explanations and tutorials developed.

Excel tutorials abound (it is logical, as it is more complicated to learn than Word), but there are also Google Docs, Gdrive, and other office services that are used now.

Manuals World

More than 100 office automation manuals and tutorials await you on this website. They are a bit old but still valid. And if you are looking for extreme emotions, you can find tutorials on hacking, electronics, mechanics, and others that have nothing to do with computers.


In this article, we are recommending free tutorials. As it is easy to imagine its quality and depth is very variable. If you don’t mind spending a little money and want to try the difference between a free course and a paid one, Udemy has office automation courses in Spanish with prices starting from 11€ (the complete course). They are usually video lessons given by a qualified teacher, with exercises, examples, and even an option to chat with the teacher or classmates of the course, and resolve doubts. It is worth trying at least once to see if the outlay (which is not much) accelerates learning.

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