Submit a CV in PDF and Word: advantages versus disadvantages

Sending your resume to companies is vital to finding a job, but there are many other things that influence when you get hired. One of them is the first impression and the ease in processing that resume.

If you are not going to deliver it in hand, printed on paper, because you are going to send it online, you have to decide the format in which you send it. Is it better to send the CV in PDF or Word? Each format has its strengths, which can be adjusted to different situations.

The decision is more important than it seems because of the ease of processing that resume is key when it comes to being chosen for an interview.

Submitting a CV in PDF and Word: advantages versus disadvantages.

Curriculum in PDF

The main advantage of the PDF format is that it always preserves the structure of any document. This means that no matter what device or application the HR manager uses to view that curriculum, it will always look exactly the way you designed it.

On the contrary, a Word document can change the format depending on the application used to open it, and it won’t even open if it doesn’t recognize the correct format.

Another important fact is that a PDF document is virus-free.

If your CV has photos or peculiar fonts and layout, opt for PDF.

Curriculum in Word

We have seen some of the disadvantages of Word, but it also has its strengths. It’s cheaper and easier to print, and it’s essential if the company uses some kind of automated management to analyze resumes.

Many HR departments use an ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems) tracking system, which examines resumes and searches for keywords that interest them. A first filter to select employees.

These automated systems work well with Word but not PDF. If you know that the company uses them, or you have no contact inside, send the document in Word. If you have a contact that you know will process your resume, then you can use PDF.

Whether you decide for one or the other, the Universia Foundation recommends sending the curriculum both through a web form, and directly to the head of Human Resources, indicating that you have sent it online, but that you wanted to deliver it directly to him. You will then see that you are looking forward to obtaining the position.

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