No OneNote for the desktop in Microsoft Office 2019

Microsoft Office 2019 is scheduled to arrive by the end of this year. Little by little we are learning new features of the new version of the Microsoft suite. The last thing we know is that OneNote will disappear in Microsoft Office 2019. At least partially. Currently, this note-taking tool has a desktop version for Office 2016 and a Windows application for Windows 10. But this will be so for a limited time.

If until now we knew that Microsoft Office 2019 was only going to work on Windows 10, now we know that it will happen with one of its most significant tools. Microsoft has decided to make important changes for this upcoming release. One of the most important new features of Microsoft Office 2019 is that the desktop version of OneNote 2016 will disappear. With this decision, the company wants to put an end to the duplicity that currently exists with respect to this tool and will choose to focus on the OneNote app of Windows 10 in Office 2019.

So you can’t use the desktop version of OneNote? According to the company, it will remain operational. Although no new features will arrive, it will continue to be updated in order to solve any security problems as well as possible errors. However, the desktop version of OneNote 2016 is scheduled to stop working definitively in October 2020.

The bet on the OneNote application for Windows 10 is not new. In the last months, we have seen how it has been adding important improvements. A path that is planned to continue like this, incorporating new features such as the ability to insert and search labels, see previews of Office files on OneNote as well as features of Class Notebook for this summer.

As we can see, Microsoft wants to take a new direction. That’s why it has decided to remove the desktop version of OneNote 2016 from Microsoft 2019 and bet on improvements and new features in the OneNote app of Windows 10 in Office 2019. We have also known that Microsoft is developing a Mac version of Office 2019, although the date of its release is unknown.

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