How to modify the style of a chart in Excel

In other Excel tutorials, we have seen how to create lists and tables in spreadsheets by modifying the cells.

One of the purposes of using a spreadsheet is that once you have entered the data, you can create graphs with them: bar graphs, cheeses, surfaces, etc.

If you have already designed a graph with certain data, you don’t have to start from scratch to change its style. Excel allows you to change the design of the chart, or its style, through the menus.

In this tutorial, we explain how to modify the style of a chart in Excel to suit your needs.

We start Excel and open a document that contains a chart. Or you can create one from the data you have:

To modify the style you have used, click on the chart to select it. Look in the Options Tape at the top to discover the Chart Tool, which is activated when you select one. It contains two new sections, Design and Formatting. If you click on Design, you will see a series of functions:

One of the most used is Switch between rows and columns. When you click on it, the row of the graph becomes the columns and vice versa.

Another interesting option is the Change chart type. It allows you to change the design of the graph between different options, depending on the version of Excel you have: bar graphs, cheeses, lines, etc:

At any time you can use Select Data to add more elements to the graph.

If a certain graph fits you very well and you want to keep it to use it in future projects with other data, simply use the icon Save as template.

In the future when you need it, open a template when you create a chart, and it will appear in the list, to design new charts with the same style.

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