How to insert and accommodate images within text in Word

One of the first tasks we learn when using Microsoft Word is the insertion of images.

Inserting an image into a Word document is simple. Another very different thing is that the image is correctly inserted inside the text. Perhaps you cut the phrases in the wrong place, or the image is small and leaves too much white space on the sides.

In this simple Word tutorial, we are going to see how to insert and accommodate images within the text in Word.

To try this tutorial any version of Word will work from Word 2010. Even the free version of Word Online.

Start Word and open a document with text, or write something. Place the cursor where you want to insert the image. Tap the Insert tab and then Image to insert an image of your computer.

The image will be placed where you put the cursor, but depending on its shape and size the text will be badly cut, or the display will not be very elegant.

It is necessary to give format to the image, to adjust it correctly in the text.

Click on the image to select it. A new tab will appear at the top, called Image Tools. Underneath, tap Format to display a new ribbon of icons related to image editing.

Click Adjust Text. You will see several options to adjust the image around the text. In line with the text, to the left, to the right, the text overprinted above or below the image, etc.

If you have a paid version of Word, the number of options will be higher, including one that silhouettes the text around the drawing. Try each one to see which one looks better.

In the Format tab, you will also see different frames that allow you to change the way the photo borders merge with the page.

Crop image

If we see that the photo doesn’t look good or is too big, we can cut it out. After selecting the image and clicking on the Format tab, touch Crop. We can drag the corners of the image to trim it.

When you click outside it, it will be trimmed. Keep in mind that the original image is not lost. If you select the cropped image again and click on the Crop icon, you will see the original image again and you will be able to change the cropping as you wish.

Transparent background

If the background of the image has a different colour than the paper, you may not like how they combine. We must set a transparent background, keeping the image itself. Be careful because this function is not in the free version of Word.

Go to the Format tab, look for the Color section, and select Define transparent colour. Click on the background of the image, and if it is uniform it will become transparent.

If you have a background printed with several colours, use the Remove Background option on the left of the Format tab. Here we must manually select the zones of the image that we want to maintain, and those that we want to remove.

Inserting and accommodating images within the text in Word is a simple task, and the results are very professional.

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