Download the Excel Viewer right now, it disappears this month

Have you received a document in Excel format but don’t have Excel or Microsoft Office installed on your computer to open it? Don’t forget that Office is a paid application, and many users don’t have access to it.

For years, we have had the classic Excel Viewer at hand for an emergency, a free application offered by Microsoft for opening, viewing and printing spreadsheets in Excel format (i.e. with XLS, XLSX extension, etc.).

If you think you will ever need the Excel Viewer, you should download it right now, because Microsoft will remove it this month. As indicated in the download website, the Excel Viewer will disappear in April 2018.

The note does not indicate the day in April when the Excel Viewer will disappear, so it could be tomorrow itself, although it is logical that it is the last day of the month, the 30th of April. What you can read is that the download of the Excel Viewer will no longer be available, and you will no longer receive security updates. In other words, a fully-fledged retirement. Another classic that is leaving us, like Paint…

If you are interested in the Excel Viewer to save it in case one day you need it you can download it for free from its official website. It occupies 50 MB and works in any version of Windows. With it, you can open an Excel spreadsheet, view it on a screen, and even print it.

Of course, there are other ways to open an Excel file without having Excel. In this tutorial, we explain a few. You can use Excel Online, Excel Mobile, Microsoft Office apps for iOS and Android, or third-party applications like LibreOffice.

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